World Class Orienteering
– follow the elite

The Danish Orienteering-Federation is pleased to welcome you to be part of the first SPRINT World Orienteering Championships 2022. Follow the elite and be part of a big party.

WOC2022 – June 26-30 – is arranged in the very heart of Denmark. Three fantastic and versatile cities, Kolding, Fredericia and Vejle host the competitions. They all have old historic city centers with a cobweb of backyards, alley ways and smaller streets and they represent the beginning of Danish history with many sites of cultural interest. Visit our two UNESCO sites or have fun at LEGOLAND, dine at one of our Michelin-starred restaurants, or simply enjoy yourself at the beach.

WOC Tour, with 6 races, is arranged in co-operation with WOC2022. Three sprint races will take place in the same areas where the WOC2022 athletes are challenged. These will be supplemented by three thrilling forest races in the best and most demanding terrains in the region.

Lars Lundov
CEO of Sport Event Denmark

Dear athletes and teams, orienteering fans, national and international guests and the WOC2022.

The World Orienteering Championships 2022 are an excellent way to promote the new sport of urban sprint orienteering and its athletes. It’s also an excellent opportunity to create a festival setting with the very special ‘world-class Danish coziness’.

As an active member of the global sports community, Sport Event Denmark hosts a wide variety of major international sporting events and congresses each year, together with the national federations and host cities, and we’re ready to contribute once again to a festive celebration of sports.

We hope you’ll have an excellent stay in Denmark and take home good memories and results from the championships.

Walther Rahbek
Past President of the Danish Orienteering-Federation

The Danish Orienteering-Federation looks forward to welcoming all orienteers and their families to the 2022 World Orienteering Championships in the Triangle Region.

This area of Denmark, surrounded by a varied and hilly landscape, is well known for its cultural cities with roots tracing back to the Viking age.

Our ambition is to present WOC2022 in a way that points forward, draws attention and shows the sport in an innovative way. WOC2022 will present intense sprint competitions and spectator races in a beautiful and cultural setting.

The competitions will be a new dissemination of the experience aimed at the experienced athletes, the new ones to the sport and  the interested spectator.

Welcome to WOC2022.

Jens Ejner Christensen
Chairman of the Triangle Region of Denmark and mayor of Vejle Municipality

Dear orienteering community

The Triangle Region looks forward to welcoming the orienteering elite to our wonderful part of the world and the three host cities Kolding, Fredericia and Vejle.

We aim to deliver fantastic orienteering races, but we also hope you’ll have a great time while you’re here. You can visit our two UNESCO sites or have fun at LEGOLAND, dine at one of our Michelin-starred restaurants, or simply enjoy yourself at the beach.

We’re already working hard to make WOC2022 the best possible showcase for the sport of orienteering.

On behalf of the Triangle Region, I’d like to welcome you to the World Orienteering Championships and hope to see you and your family and friends here in 2022.

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