In consultation with Danish event stakeholders and the IOF, a decision has been made to postpone WOC2020 in Denmark to the summer of 2022. The event, which was originally scheduled to have been held in July 2020, was at first postponed to October this year, but due to the heavy impact that we still experience from the Covid-19 pandemic, we no longer regard it to be possible to have a WOC in Denmark in fall 2020. Not only will the many restrictions due to Corona provide major logistic challenges, but more importantly we shall not be able to guarantee freedom of movement, fairness of the competitions or medical safety for neither athletes nor spectators.

WOC 2022 in Denmark will be held as a 6 day event in the period between 24-June and 5-July. The planning of the event takes place in coordination with the World Games and other international events, and the exact dates will be announced as soon as possible.

The postponement to 2022 has been made possible only through a common effort and great cooperativeness from all parties. We especially wish to thank the Scottish WOC organizers, who have shown great flexibility and have agreed to move their event to 2024.

It is with great regret that we have had to make the decision that it is impossible for us to organize WOC in Denmark in the fall of 2020. We know how frustrating this news will be to all athletes. We hope for your understanding, and we sincerely hope that other competition opportunities will show themselves in the months to come.