On 23-24 October you will have the opportunity to watch some of the world’s best orienteers competing in the streets of Aabenraa and Billund. The organization behind WOC 2022 organizes two World Ranking Events in connection with a training camp for which all national teams are invited. The event opens on Saturday with a sprint in Aabenraa including both qualification and finals. The race is co-organized with local club, OK Syd. The town of Aabenraa is a real pearl in terms of sprint orienteering, with an idyllic town centre, narrow cobbled streets, backyards and alley ways. Aabenraa is not completely new to orienteers, but this is the first major race ever to be held here.

Sunday offers a Knock-Out Sprint in Billund 25 km West of Vejle. The event venue will be right next to the Lego House in the town centre. Again, there will be qualification races in the morning and finals in the afternoon. Billund is new in an orienteering context. The city offers a different kind of orienteering compared to Aabenraa, but according to the WOC organizers, is also a really interesting terrain.

One of the aims of the races, is for the WOC organizers to have the opportunity to test parts of the setup for next summer’s World Championships. Both runners and spectators will therefore be guaranteed a high-quality event.

The classes for the two World Ranking Events include only H21 and D21, but public races will be organized offering all age classes. On both days, the public races will take place immediately before the finals.

“We are very pleased to present these two high-quality events to the national teams. The maps are drawn by our WOC mapper and the courses similarly set by the WOC course setters. Furthermore, the race terrains are representative of what awaits at the championships next summer. We are also very pleased to be able to offer open spectator races in collaboration with OK Syd and OK Gorm”, says WOC 2022 Event Director, Flemming Jørgensen.

Information about the WRE event can be found here: https://www.woc2022.dk/wre-october-2021/

Information about the spectator races can be found here: https://www.woc2022.dk/WRE-info/