Travel rules and general information on Covid-19

On this page we have gathered links that will help you find the latest updated information regarding Covid-19 in Denmark and the rules that apply when travelling into Denmark.

Please note that it is the teams’ own responsibility to be well informed about travel restrictions!

Official Danish Covid-19 website

The Danish authorities gather all information on Covid-19 on the website Here you will find information on the covid-19 situation in Denmark,  general rules and regulations in society , travel rules, documentation, etc.

Below is a selection of the most important sub-pages you will need to consult when planning a trip to Denmark:

If you travel to Denmark by land, please also check the transit rules for the countries you pass through.

If you have questions regarding the covid-19 situation in Denmark, your stay in Denmark, or your journey into Denmark, please contact the WOC Office (, and we shall try to help you.

Previous Covid-19 updates

Since February 2020, there have been a number of changes caused by Covid-19. You can find previous Covid-19 updates here