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Event Programme 2022


The Triangle Region offers a wide range of accommodation, from five-star hotels to cabins.

The Triangle Region has many attractions and gets very busy in summer-time. We therefore recommend that you book your accommodation well in advance.

Teams are free to choose their own accommodation. Be aware that some hotels are located inside the embargoed areas. It is your own responsibility to check this and choose accommodation outside these areas.

Contacts for accommodation

Visit Kolding: +45 7633 2111;;
Visit Fredericia: +45 7211 3512;;
Visit Vejle: +45 7681 1925;;

Further questions regarding team accommodation can be addressed to email:

Embargoed Areas

For reasons of fair play according to IOF competition rules, a number of areas have been embargoed for potential WOC 2022 team members (athletes, coaches, team leaders and other persons who may influence the results of the competition).

The embargoed areas can be viewed at IOF Eventor and/or Google Maps.

Previous Maps

You can view and download previous orienteering maps from within the embargoed areas here.


With help from MapMagic we have prepared packages of geodata covering the embargoed areas. With those data, all teams and athletes will be equally equipped with the best geodata available for their preparations. The products are optimized to be used as the primary data basis to produce orienteering maps. The data used and refined by MapMagic are freely available and provided by the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency. The primary dataset used is “Punktsky” forming the basis of the Danish Height Model (DHM).

The packages comprise the following material:

  • Orthophoto
  • Surface Height Contours
  • Analytical Hillshading
  • Surface Relief Visualization
  • LIDAR Intensity Image
  • Canopy Height Model
  • Vector Data (FOT)

Further information about the content of the packages:

The data packages can be downloaded here: