Training Camp 3

[9-April 2021]

As we have received no entries for Training Camp 3 at the registration deadline 8-April, the training camp will be in effect cancelled. That means there will be no organized training sessions, but self-training is possible on the same terms as always, should some teams find ways to travel.

We hope for better circumstances for Training Camp 4 in October.


Training Camp 3 is getting closer and we are still struggling with Covid-19. At the moment it seems that it will be possible for us to organize the camp, but with the currently applied Covid-19 measures the main challenge will be for the athletes to enter Denmark from abroad. We have been in contact with the authorities and the following is a summary of the restrictions applying for teams and related personnel when travelling into Denmark for the training camp:

  • You must obtain a COVID-19 test before entry in order to enter into Denmark. All air passengers, including are required to present a negative COVID-19 test when boarding a flight with a destination in Denmark. All entrants must also obtain a COVID-19 test upon arrival or after entry into Denmark.
  • After you enter Denmark from abroad, you must isolate at an isolation site for 10 days. The mandatory isolation may be prematurely broken after obtaining a negative PCR test taken no earlier than the fourth day after entry into Denmark. The result of a PCR test is normally available after 24-48 hours. The total time of isolation will then be 5-6 days.
  • An isolation site may be a private home and adjacent private garden or a similar suitable facility (e.g., a hotel room) that allows for accommodation and access to all basic necessities, including food and drink. There are no specific requirements regarding the isolation site, including its physical characteristics.
  • The self-isolation requirement means that you must not leave the isolation site. This means that you must not leave to shop for groceries or similar errands. Ask persons outside the isolation to assist with grocery shopping, and to place the groceries outside the door of the isolation site.
  • You may temporarily interrupt your isolation to seek necessary treatment in the health service, including to obtain a rapid test (antigen) or PCR test for COVID-19.
  • You can use public transport to get to your isolation site. You must wear a facemask or visor during transport if you use public transport.
  • If you test positive in the airport, you will be offered transport to your isolation site. The specifics of this service will vary from airport to airport.
  • No invitation is needed to enter Denmark.

You can find more information here:

We know that these restrictions will probably cause that most teams will prefer to stay at home. Right after Easter new sets of measures will probably be applied, but we do not expect any significant changes to the above listed entry regulations.

If any teams from abroad register and attend the camp, it will be organised. If not, it will be cancelled. Decision will be taken after entry deadline 8 April. Please give us an indication as soon as possible if you plan to attend the camp under the given conditions.

TC3 Bulletin 1 will not be published before 8 April. Please ask directly on email, if you have any questions regarding the Covid-19 measures or the training camp.

22 -25 April 2021

Trainings in Teglgårdsparken, Haderslev, Vejen and Odense. On 24 April there will be a knock out sprint training competition in Grindsted.

On this page you will find all information about trainings, accommodation and competition.

See you in April ūüôā



Bulletin 1 – Training Camp 3

Bulletin 2 – Training Camp 3


Please download and fill in the entry scheme. Send a copy – preferably as Excel or other spread sheet file format – to

Entry Scheme – Training Camp 3


WOC Office will be happy to help teams or single athletes find accommodation in the Kolding area ‚Äď which is central for all training locations.

For all questions regarding accommodation, please contact

Book through WOC Office

WOC2022 has pre-booked a limited number of rooms at Danhostel Kolding.

To inquire about prices and availability contact

Knock Out Training Competition