Training Camp 4

11-15 May 2020

Training Camp 4 will include trainings in Assens, Odense, Kolding, Vejen and Horsens. As part of the training camp there will be a knock-out sprint in Kolding North on May 13. All venues are located less than 40 minutes from the host cities of WOC2020, Kolding, Fredericia and Vejle. More details can be found in the invitation just published.

The training camp will be held on the weekdays between two open sprint events. The first event – Midtjysk Sprint Cup – is held the weekend prior to the training camp (9-10 May) and takes place in Skive and Viborg only 1.5 hour drive from the WOC2020 area. Please find the invitation here:

The second event – Fynsk Sprint Cup – will be held on Funen in the weekend after the training camp (16-17 May). This event will consist of four sprint individual sprint races. The invitation for this event will soon be available here: