Official Training Camps

Join us for High Quality Training in Relevant Terrains

Training Camps WOC 2022

Training Camp 1 – 18-26 May 2019

Training Camp 2 – 10-15 October 2019

Training Camp 3 – 22-25 April 2021 – (KO Competition 24 April)

Training Camp 4 – 18-22 October 2021

Training Camp 5 – April 2022

Training Camp 6 – May 2022

Training Camp 7 – June 2022


World Ranking Event – 23-24 October 2021 (in connection with Training Camp 4)

Selections Races – May 2022 (in connection with Training Camp 6)


Maps can either be purchased as files (JPG/OCAD) or in printed form.
All maps are drawn by GT Maps who will also draw the WOC2022 competition maps.

For location of the training areas please consult Google Maps.

Released maps – Assens, Christiansfeld, Horsens C, Kolding Danhostel, Kolding North, Middelfart, Teglgårdsparken, Vejen Vest, Haderslev C (part of the map), Odense C, Grindsted, Vejen C and Haderslev C (entire map)
Maps to be released May 2022 – Esbjerg C, Ribe


Map file in JPG/OCAD: 30 DKK/print/athlete/training session. Files can be purchased free of charge for self-printing, but it is the responsibility of the teams to count and report back to the organiser the number of prints. Invoicing will be based on the number of prints used by athletes participating in specific training sessions. More information will be given at purchase of files.

Printed maps with and without controls: 35 DKK/print. The printed maps can be collected on arrival in the Triangle Region. Individual appointments for the hand-over will be made when maps are purchased.

Arranged trainings with flags: 600 DKK per training, plus 25 DKK per person

Arranged trainings with flags and SportIdent: 900 DKK per training, plus 35 DKK per person/training

Athletes from 2. and 3. division countries can join trainings for a surplus of 35 DKK per person/training

Purchase and remarks

Maps and trainings can be purchased by sending an email on:

Note that there will be areas in the terrains where we do not have a general access permission. These will be marked on the maps, and it is very important that these forbidden areas are strictly respected everywhere.
In connection with official training camps and by special arrangement, it will be possible for the WOC2022 organisers to get permission to use some of the forbidden areas for training. Please observe, that the extent and occurrence of the forbidden areas may change throughout the training period.