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WOC Tour – spectator races

6 spectator races will be organized in the very heart of Denmark in close connection with WOC2022. We aim to deliver fantastic orienteering races, but we also hope you’ll have a great time while you’re here. The WOC Tour races will be organized so that you can enjoy your vacation, compete in beautiful terrains and follow the elite.


3 days sprint

– Three fantastic and versatile cities, Kolding, Fredericia and Vejle host the competitions. They all have old historic city centers with a cobweb of backyards, alley ways and smaller streets and they represent the beginning of Danish history with a lot of cultural attractions.
– The WOC2022 arenas will be within walking distance or shared with the spectator race arenas.
– Prizes for overall winners.

3 days forest

– Varied terrain ranging from open heathland, inland dunes, coniferous forests to hilly beech forests with ample under growth. All maps drawn by the WOC2022 mapper.
– The races are held within a 30-min drive from the WOC2022 Event Centre in Kolding and with short distances to the WOC2022 arenas.
– Prizes for overall winners.

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